Competition description

CEWES Wedding Photography Competition - Terms & Conditions


The Photo Competition begins on 15 August 2020 and ends on 03 September 2020 (‘Entry Period’). Entries submitted before or after the Entry Period will not be eligible.

Photos must be taken between 1. September 2019 and 31. August 2020.

Online reviews and evaluation will take place from 15 September to 15 October 2020.

Photos that make it to the final will be published online on 20 October 2020.

Results will be released during the Award Ceremony within the Central European Wedding Show 2020.



The competition will have three rounds:
1st / qualifying round: 40 photographs from each category will be selected to the next stage
2nd round / semi-final: judges will be asked to give each photograph a score between 1-10. Photographs will be selected to the next stage based on these scores. 6 photographs with the highest scores may enter the final from each category.
3rd / final run: judges will be asked to decide the winning order of photographs by giving a second score

After online registration and until the announcement of final results participants will only be able to see their own photographs on the website. After the announcement, they will be able to see the first six winners in each category, the place of their pictures that made it to the semi-final or final, and the scores of the judges.

Scoring will be processed online via a CEWES developed software.


Entry fee: €5 per photo

Please process payment immediately after registration or no later than by 31 August 2019.

Registration fee can be paid either by BACS or online via PayPal or personally at any bank. When you process the bank transfer please make sure you write „CEWES Wedding Photography Competition registration fee” in the subject line.

Processing payment will validate your submission.

Any number of photographs taken by one individual may be submitted to the competition.


By submitting an Entry to the CEWES Wedding Photography Competition 2020, you confirm that you automatically accept the Terms and Conditions.

Entrants of the competition acknowledge that they are the copyright holder or have the rightful copyright holder’s permission to enter.

You or the copyright owner grants the CEWES Wedding Photo Competition 2020, a non-exclusive, royalty-free right and licence to publish and distribute the Entry
in the display catalogue and / or photo album
on or in any digital and printed advertisements and other promotional materials
in publications that have previously been listed in the contract between founders and sponsors
the competition archive

Pictures printed for the Exhibition during the Central European Wedding Show will become the property of the photographer after the show.

The CEWES Wedding Photography Competition 2017 reserves the right to use the images in printed and digital format (including captions – photographer name – wherever possible), royalty free, for promoting the competition.


In order to participate in the contest, you must follow the following guidelines:

a. Only digital photographs may be submitted
b. Photographs must be 1800x1200 pixels
c. Entries must be in JPEG format, high resolution and sRGB colour space
d. You may submit as many photographs as you wish independently from category
e. Once a photograph is submitted, the entry cannot be withdrawn or amended
f. Higher resolution files will be requested should an entry be preselected to the final or be awarded a prize
g. You can post process the photographs before submission, You may crop pictures but please keep the original proportions. (except photos that are nominated in the RAW Category. at the RAW category no any post procession allowed! straight from the camera).
h. Pictures cannot include information related to the photographer or any logos

CEWES reserves the right to ask for the original raw photographs including EXIF data throughout the competition.

By entering the competition, Entrants confirm that they own the highest resolution version of the image. Entrants may be asked to supplement their submission with such a photo after the photograph is voted to be in the final and notification is sent.
Entrants accept that failure of submission of the above mentioned high-resolution version of the image will result in disqualification.

Moral requirements

All photographs should accurately reflect the subject matter and the scene as they appeared. We will not accept photographs taken in a studio environment. The CEWES Wedding Photography Competition 2020 reserves the right to require entrants to submit evidence of the venue throughout the competition.

Naming photographs

The file name cannot include personal information related to the photographer. File names cannot have gaps between characters, letters with accents and/or any other special characters.


Getting Ready

Getting Ready

We accept photographs taken during wedding preparations in this category.



In this category we expect creative works, unique post processing that make the bride look beautiful, You can send images not only wedding. (privat photosession, fashion photo etc. )

Bridal and groom portraits

Bridal and groom portraits

In this category we expect creative works, unique post processing that make the bride and groom look beautiful, You can send images only real wedding. (not workshops)



If you took photographs that reflect the emotional charge of this day, be it laughter, tears or even just a tiny teardrop, you can submit the photo here.



Anything taken between entering and leaving the ceremony hall – civil or religious – can be submitted to this category.



Pictures taken during the big day’s reception and at the wedding party.



E session

E session

The world is waiting to share your unique visual experiences.

I enter